Hanjô / Aoi-no-ue - Dainana-Gekijô

Modern Nô-Stories by MISHIMA Yukio

You are waiting, I am not waiting for anything

The writer Mishima Yukio is still today worldwide praised for his oustanding works and at the same time for his radical world perspectives, which climaxed in his public suicide. In 1956 he rewrote some famous Nô plays to contemporary one-act plays. Mishima was attracted by Nô and the world of emotions and loneliness of its persons.

The Dainana-Gekijo connected, under the direction of NARUMI Kôhei, three of Mishimas modern Nô stories with its unique acting technique, which is influenced by the Suzuki method and Kabuki and Nô performing techniques.


(Performance in Japanese with German supertitles)


Wed, Oktober 7th 2009, 8pm: Spinnwerk (Festival Opening)