Theatre / Dance

Theatre Programme:

Wed, Oct. 7th 2009, 20h: Hanjô / Aoi-no-ue /// Modern Nô-Stories by Mishima Yukio /// Compagnie Dainana-Gekijo (Tôkyô)

Thu, Oct. 8th 2009, 20h: Sasabôshi /// Puppet theatre /// Yumehina Gekidan (Tôkyô)

Fri, Oct. 9th 2009, 20h: Nihon-Buyô /// Japanese Kabuki Dance /// HAYASHI Eiko (Munich)

Sat, Oct. 10th 2009, 20h: In Bed /// The Pillow Book of Sei Shonagon - newly read, newly decorated ///

Puppet theatre from Vienna, C.Weissenbrunner, T. Eipeldauer. Directed by: C. Bochdansky

Sun, Oct. 11th 2009, 20h: Kyôgen /// Japan‘s old Comedy from Kyôto /// SHIGEYAMA Chûzaburô / Sarugaku-kai (Kyôto)

Visual Art Programme:

PANIPANAMA: Photography by Murakami Masakuni and sculpture by Kata Adamek (opened from October 7th to 23th 2009)

SPINNWERK: Drawings and books by HOSHINO Keiko and USHIO Kuni (to be seen before and after the performances)

Tickets: 9 (Discount) / 12 Euro /// Presale, Reservations at Centraltheater, box office at 7 pm at SPINNWERK (1h before performance starts)

The festival is led and curated by: Tom Grigull, M. A.

It will be supported by the City of Leipzig / Department of Culture, the Bunkachô (Agency for Cultural Affairs)

in Fiscal Year 2009/10, the EU-JAPAN-FEST and the Polish Cultural Institute.

Main Sponsor:

leipzig bunkacho Eu-Japanfest Polnisches Institut


Spinnwerk ICZ Panipanama